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Outlander PHEV

Outlander PHEV savings


Compared to regular petrol or diesel SUV cars the Outlander PHEV can save you thousands of pounds in fuel costs and VED payments.

Average Annual Fuel Costs

  Outlander PHEV Petrol/Diesel Vehicle
Year 1 £310 £975
Year 2 £310 £975
Year 3 £310 £975
Total over 3 year period £930 £2,925

Vehicle Excise Duty

  Outlander PHEV Petrol/Diesel Vehicle
Year 1 £0 £500
Year 2 £130 £140
Year 3 £130 £140
Total over 3 year period £260 £780

Average Daily Fuel Costs

  Outlander PHEV Petrol/Diesel Vehicle
Average Daily Journey 18.2 18.2
Average MPG 38
Outlander PHEV offical EV range miles 33
Average Cost Per Litre (£'s) £1.22
Outlander PHEV Average Cost Per Charge (£'s) £1.54
Average Cost Per Mile (£'s) £0.05 £0.14
Total Cost of Journey (£'s) £0.85 £2.67


Savings to an Outlander PHEV owner over a 3 year period compared to a petrol or diesel equivalent vehicle.

Outlander PHEV badge and Congestion charge badge

Congestion Charge Exempt*

Good news for London drivers, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is exempt from the congestion charge.

* Congestion Charge application required, subject to administrative fee.
The 2015 National Travel Survey (the latest version) undertaken by the Department for Transport states that the average annual mileage in the UK is now 6,649 miles per annum, or 18.22 miles per day. This is less than the 33 mile EV range which can be achieved by the Outlander PHEV. The average cost to charge the PHEV is £1.54 which is less than the average cost to drive 18.22 miles on petrol & diesel (£2.67). This charge cost is based on UK average electricity rate (£0.15 kWh) (VCA 2017 average fuel costs) charging Outlander PHEV battery up to 10 kWh - approx. cost £1.54 (June 2017). Outlander PHEV journey cost calculation assumes electric only usage. Calculations for the petrol and diesel fuel costs were obtained by using The petrol/diesel cost of £2.67 is based on a journey of 18.22 miles at 37.8mpg (average for diesel & petrol SUV segment) with a fuel cost of £1.22 per litre. The VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) figures shown are calculated using average CO2 emissions from the SUV segment for diesel & petrol vehicles (154.3 g/km). The Outlander PHEV VED values are based on a list price of less than £40,000.
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